From intention to alignement

From intention to alignement

“It is not your job to make something happen - universal forces are in place for all of that. Your work is to simply determine what you want.” Esther Hicks

There is a lot more to this than simply wishing for something and hoping for it to come true somehow. By way of applying specific tools, I will teach you in four coaching-sessions how you can make your most heartfelt wish come true. Should you wish for me to guide you further after that, you may add individual sessions afterwards.

We start by exploring your vision and forming it into a tangible shape. Next, we will filter out the essence of such vision, which will allow you to recognize your clear intentions and put them into words. After this, it will be time for you to embark on your journey; step by step, I will show you how you can live in accordance with your dreams and how to make them come true.


This Coaching contains:

  • 4 Coaching-Sessions
  • à 60 minutes
  • book