Hello and welcome! My name is Pascale and I am happy to find you here.

It lies within my nature to continuously study new things, expand my knowledge and apply my latest learnings in my sessions. For me, this is the most crucial incentive to remain on my path, especially when I feel far outside my comfort zone. I love trying out unfamiliar things and collecting new experiences, which is why I am so grateful that my life’s journey has bestowed many inspiring encounters with wise teachers and mentors upon me.

Some of them have accompanied me for a long time, others, I met only once. But each and every one of them helped shape who I am today. I have been fortunate enough to acquire a continuously growing treasure of knowledge, which I am more than happy to share with you.

My motivation is my positive attitude towards any- and everything that is and the boundless passion to live a life that is creative in all possible ways. All human beings are born with an innate curiosity, wonder and joyous attitude, but distance themselves more and more from this innocent mindset during their life’s course, shaped by norms and education. With my methods as a life coach, I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients to find their way back to their happy sense of self and the fulfillment deriving from that.

Create the life you want to live
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